Announcement – New Children’s Picture Book Series

Announcement – New Children’s Picture Book Series

This is a preview of Molly Wonders How Did You Get The Hiccups the first in the Molly Wonders series.
Books for kids 5 and up | Category: Children’s Humor | Level 1 Reader

Laugh out loud funny story that has little to do with hiccups.

Childhood friendships are the best and this book is about the genuine interactions between young friends. Molly Wonders has all the elements of a funny book that will tickle young children.

Jack and Molly are having a snack break at school, when Jack suddenly gets the hiccups. His ever curious best friend, Molly, embarks on a quest to determine why he might have got the hiccups. She wants to know if Jack did this or that, but the questions are more related to the kid’s limitless imagination.

In this new funny picture book series for kids, author Robyn Safarian, has captured the essence of childhood curiosity and persistence in a humorous tone that resonates with her young audience. The result is a hilarious picture book that is lots of fun to read.

Be sure to act the story with different voices and expressions, and what you will have is a child that is giggling over and over asking for more of the story.


Molly Wonders How Did You Get The Hiccups will be on sale on Amazon in April 2013.

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