Funny Picture Book – Molly Wonders Series – Book One

Funny Picture Book – Molly Wonders Series – Book One

Funny Picture Book for Kids | Ages: 3-6
Category: Children Humor Book
Reading Level: Easy

Young children are curious and inherently imaginative. They are also persistent with their questions. In her new picture book series, author Robyn Safarian, has captured the essence of childhood curiosity and persistence in a humorous tone that resonates with her young audience. The result is a hilarious picture book that is fun to read

Molly, the main character, is true to life with her portrayal of a kindergarten age girl. She wants to know why, how, when or where something happens. Her incessant questions know no boundaries. Jack is her best friend. He generally bears the funny brunt of Molly’s questions.

Jack sets the tone at the opening of the book, “This is Molly. She is my best friend. Molly asks lots of questions. Sometimes I don’t know how to answer them. Sometimes her questions are very funny. This is what happened the other day at school.”

In the first installment of the Molly and Jack picture book series, Jack has the hiccups, and Molly is on a mission to determine the reason. What follows is a series of irrelevant yet humorous questions that are bound to make the reader laugh.

In the tradition of Kangaroo Kangaroo Where Are You?, Ms. Safarian’s previous children book, the illustrations in Molly Wonders add a colorful and comedic synergy to the story. This funny picture book is a great addition to a child’s library.

This funny children’s book is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.